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What is Ashes At Home?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

It can be a difficult time to know where you would like a final resting place for your loved one to be interred or buried.

If the decision is too hard to decide and you wish to always have your loved one close by then we offer stunning planters Ashes at Home. This link will take you to our brochures were you can find a range of beautiful planters that can be used inside or outside at your home. Scroll down to our Ashes at Home section.

The planter splits into two to reveal a secure chamber where the ashes' urn can be placed.

They also come with a plaque / plaques that can accommodate a personal inscription to remember your loved one by.

If you’re looking for high-quality memorials with professional engravings and masonry in Lincolnshire, contact William Kent Memorials Ltd with over 200 years of monumental masonry experience, you can reply on our expert services to ensure the right memorial for your loved one – get in touch for advice or visit our large showrooms where individual memorials are always on display, along with our family friendly experienced staff always happy to help & free brochures on request.

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