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Evermore - TEC 100

Evermore - TEC 100

Colour: Silver Grey granite 


Kerb set with sub-plinths



Back Kerb x2:   6" x 12.5" x 3"

Side Kerbs x4:  6" x 32.8" x 3"

Tablet: 18" x 25" x 2"

Vase Posts x3:  8" x 6" x 6"

Plinths x2:    2" x 62" x 8"

Plinths x2:    2" x 36" x 8"


The price includes VAT, an inscription of up to 70 letters in enamel and fixing of the memorial in the churchyard / cemetery but does not include the churchyard / cemetery fees.


Should you require the inscription in 23.5ct gold leaf then there is an additional charge of £95.00 inclusive of VAT


Any letters over the 70 letters included in enamel paint are charged at £1.50 per extra letter inclusive of VAT and any letters over the 70 included in 23.5ct gold leaf are charged at £1.90 per extra letters inclusive of VAT

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